R&D Pilot Mass Product
Model ELS-60S ELS-80S ELS-100S ELS-130D ELS-150D ELS-170D ELS-210D ELS-250D ELS-300D ELS-308D
Diameter 60Ø 80Ø 100Ø 130Ø 150Ø 170Ø 210Ø 250Ø 285Ø 308Ø


60g 150g 400g 800g 1800g 2800g 5kg 7kg 10kg 12kg
3~5 4~7 5~7 6~7 6~8 7~8
Options - Heater upper / bottom independent control
- Low Vacuum Pumps (Rotary vane pump / Dry pump)
- High Vacuum Pumps (Diffusion pump / Turbo molecular pump / Cryo pump)
- Seperate Control Cabinet
- Glove Box
- Glass Tube materials (Quartz / Pyrex)
- PLC Control
- Touch panel / Toggle switch
- CE Certification
- HMI (Human Machine Interface - PC control)
- Protection of 2units heater over temperature
- Safety function
Quantity of the maximum load capacity is measured by sublimed Alq3