Conventional Materials Requirements
LiFePO4, LiMnPO4
High Energy
Low Cost
Graphite (artificial/natural)
Hard/Soft Carbon
Si, Sn, etc
High Energy
Low Cost
Thin Thickness
High Mechanical Strength
Low Cost
Organic Solvent (EC, PC, EMC, DEC...)
Li Salt (LiPF6, LiBF4...)
Less Flammable
Moisture Resistant
Low Cost
  • Lithium ion secondary battery electrolyte additive
    Electrolyte solution is an organic solvent, a lithium salt, the additive consists of a lithium secondary battery characteristic is varied according to the properties required as the role of the electrolyte is increased. Functional additive is a high output, high capacity, high temperature, low temperature, life, flame retardant, high voltage, the overcharge of the secondary battery, such as to improve the performance and function of ensuring the safety critical functions Applications and Uses of the material and optionally various additives in combination in accordance with the can be used.
  • R&D
    - Molecular design by CAMD
    - Sublimation Tablet
    - Evaluation of purity
    - Fabrication - Li ion cell Reliablity and Safety